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This high energy class will improve your child's motor skills and concentration level. Your child will not only learn karate but life lessons such as good manners, first time listening, respect, and more!
Your child will never get benched or put in the game last. In karate, your child is always first in this amazing fitness program.  Our classes will teach your child self-confidence, respect, goal setting, and more. 
Adult Karate  Age 13+ 
PK Boxing  Age 13+  
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Teen & Adult Karate  Age 13+  
‚ÄčKick, punch, jump rope, weights and abs is what our Kickboxing class is all about! Bring¬†a friend and see what "everyone" is talking about!¬†
Pandas Karate ¬ģ 7222 Muncaster Mill Rd. Derwood, MD 20855
Pre-Karate  Age 2.5-3 
Little Pandas  Age 4-6 
PK Warriors  Age 7-12 
Programs 4 Kids
Teen & Adult Programs
‚ÄčTrain in the art of striking and improve your stand up game. With karate's fast kicks and mixing American Boxing you'll feel the difference.¬†
Introduce your child to the world of exercise through our Pre-Karate program. We'll exercise through playful games, sports, and skill challenges that will get their little bodies moving from start to finish! 

Zumba  Age 13+  
Make working out fun with Zumba Fitness! Dance to amazing music to get you sweating from start to finish!

Flexible Class Schedule 
Flexible Class Schedule 
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Birthday Parties  Age 3+
PK Camp  Age 4-10
Looking for a unique birthday party? Then look no further. Invite up to 15 guests for an awsome intro to karate. Your child will become a black belt for the day and even break a real wooden board!  
Our camps are a great way to introduce kids to the world of karate through playful games and skill challenges. We cover topics such as bully basics, cyber bullying, and even break a board at the end of the week! 
Per Month 
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