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Pandas Karate ¬ģ 7222 Muncaster Mill Rd. Derwood, MD 20855
Keep up with your classes by keeping a schedule at home or on your phone! 
The language we study in class is called Korean. Print or take a pic of our vocab sheet to practice at home! 
Print & fill out our sparring gear order form with your color choices. Don't worry about sizing we can help you with that at the studio. 
Style & History 
Main Style: Tang Soo Do
Minor Style: American Boxing, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Kobudo 

‚ÄčEvery artist makes a decision when creating a masterpiece. A martial artist's journey is no different. Mr. Daniel's main style of Tang Soo Do (korean karate) comes from a grandmaster named Ki Whang Kim. He was a Korean master that learned Japanese Karate and Judo in the early 1900's. He brought what he learned to the MD area and taught Mr. Daniels teacher who later taught him.¬†

Mr. Daniel recognized that modern sports change all the time. If that is true why shouldn't martial arts? So he studied and practiced with many different practitioners of different styles and brought in techniques from different systems to accommodate what "his" Karate was missing. There is no best style. What makes a style great depends on the teacher and their passion. 
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Bully Resrource
   PK Armour 
Is Pandas Karate bully prevention program offered exclusively at our studio. We actively teach kids 
(age 7+) strategies on how to defeat a bully without using a fist. Topics include: 

  • Verbal bullying¬†
  • Physical¬†
  • Cyber Bullying¬†
  • ‚ÄčRoleplaying Tactics ¬†
We provide Bully Seminars to MCPS, private schools, daycares, after school programs, and girl/boy scouts.  

To schedule a seminar give us a Call or E-mail. 
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